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  • What is the lead time for my photos or video?
    It will require 4-6 weeks for us to prepare and deliver the deliverables. However, during peak periods, we may require up to 8 weeks to have them ready for delivery.
  • How many softcopy images/film duration will I actually receive?
    We have switched to giving all good images. That means the photographer/videographer will capture as many moments and will filter out the good images (sharp, well-framed & unique). To put it in perspective, 2-hour shoots from proposals or solemnisation would usually give about 20-100 good, unique photos OR a 2-3 minute film. For actual day wedding shoots, there would be about 200-400 photos OR a 3-5 minute film. In the event there are more than the estimated figures, our team will still provide them.
  • What is the difference (1) Same-Day-Edit (2) V2? (3) Banquet Documentation? (4) Final Edit?
    (1) It is an overview of the AD morning segments and will be screened before the lunch/dinner banquet’s 2nd March-In. Video treatment is generally upbeat (advertisement style) followed by a mellower and romantic pace (heartfelt moments). (2) Version edit of the SDE, only subjected to the editors discretion. (3) A collection of speeches on stage or at the rostrum by the couple or friends or immediate family members. Typically it will be a long take (averaging 5-8 mins/person) consisting of minimum 2 camera angles. This documentation will fully encapsulate raw emotions for memory keepsake. (4) Only applies to videos that have no same-day-edit.It is a compilation of morning + evening segments. Video structure is similar to SDE. Only difference is video treatment and quality will be significantly better than SDE V1. Footage stabilizationDenoisingEnhance audio clarityEffects*Couples may have partial creative discretion over the Final Edit
  • How long does it take for the same-day-edit to be screening?
    The Cinematographer/chief editor will need about 5 hours to prepare the Same-Day-Edit video. We aim to deliver the footage before 2nd march-in (dinner banquet).
  • Is it possible to have Same-Day-Edit (SDE) for my lunch banquet?
    Nope! Currently our team does not do lunch SDE due to the time constraints between the morning highlights and the march-in. Additionally for clients who engage us, we believe in providing equal value. That means bespoke, high quality videos which are non-template style. Should you wish to have a Same Day Edit video for your lunch banquet, we will have to bring an editor onboard. This incurs an additional fee. Do contact us for more information
  • Split Day Charge
    $300 is applicable if your wedding event is spread across separate days.
  • Coverage before 7am
    There will be a one-time charge of $150 for early coverage before 7AM
  • Festive & Special Day Charge
    $350 is applicable for weddings on selected eve of Public Holidays, Public Holidays and Special Days (Chinese New Year, Valentine's, 11.11 & Christmas)
  • Modes of payment
    We accept payment via PayNow, PayLah, Google Pay, FAST Bank Transfer or Cheque.
  • Will there be a second shooter?
    For photography, there will be one photographer accompanying the bride and groom throughout the wedding day. A second shooter is available as an "add-on". We advise to engage an additional photographer only if there are day activities occurring concurrently. For cinematography, our team will always have 2 shooters available for pre-wedding and actual day filming.
  • Can I extend the session on the day of?
    Sure! just let us know 1-2 hours prior to the extension. Charging of rates are as per the plan that you have chosen on the rate card.
  • Do you shoot destination weddings?
    Our destination weddings currently extends to Thailand, Australia & Bali. Do reach out to us for assistance on destination weddings
  • What kind of gear do your use?
    We reserve only the best for our clients and ensure our kit excels in production quality.
  • What separates you from the rest?
    Our ethos involves our beliefs and commitment to give couples, who engage us, a safe, fun and enjoyable time with us. I mean it is your wedding day. You should be having fun instead of worrying! We value our clients who fully trust and believe in our creative vision. When our couples have a great time, they feel comfortable being themselves. We are able to craft and curate stories with all the moments as the wedding day unfolds that reflects them. That's why all our media production are non-template style, unique to only the couple, the family & friends around and the wedding. We feel that is the best form of creating visual highlights of the day where one can look back to, many years from now and reminisce the moments. Almost like a piece of heirloom for generations.
  • Booking and Deposit
    Deposit is a standard practice that is widely adopted. It protects the interest of the client and the photographer. It ensures that no party will back out last minute, because we value and respect people time. Value of deposit is as follow: minimum of $50 for all events (birthday, graduation or events) 10% for weddings (Engagement, PWS or AD) and corporate projects Should you have other pressing question, please contact us here.
  • Payment
    In the age of technology, paying for stuff is seamless. We strongly encourage to go cashless such as Paynow/Paylah! is commonly used. Otherwise, cash is OK too!
  • Promotions
    Yes! Do follow @conxeptstudio on Instagram for the latest promotions! Thank you for appreciating our craft!
  • Precautionary measures
    As the Singapore Government is easing off the Covid-19 safety measures to Phase 3. Photographic activities may resume as per norm, in the context for our crew, we will wear a mask and strictly adhere to safe distancing guidelines, and sanitise all our equipment. Shoot are to be conducted up to only eight people only (including crew), this falls in line with compliance to ensure the well-being of our clients and ourselves. Details is extracted from the PPAS website. Our photographers are General Members of the PPAS, Professional Photographers Association (Singapore).
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