Frequently asked questions


Will there be a second shooter?

The second shooter is available as an add-on option for 'Actual Day Wedding' plans. The rates are as per our 2021 rate card.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

Sure! just let us know 1-2 hours prior to the extension. Charging of rates are as per the plan that you have chosen on the rate card.

Do you shoot destination weddings?

Launching as early as 2022, or perhaps earlier as the pandemic permits air travel to resume.

What kind of gear do your use?

We don't shrimp on our equipment. We reserve only the best goods for our clients. Alternatively, here is a list of our full inventory.

What separates you from the rest?

We don't put our competitors down. If fact, we acknowledge the presence of competition. Competition promotes options for consumers to exercise choices, which makes the most sense to them. Hence, it pushes all players in this industry to come out with better ideas. We live by the mantra of "not putting others down, but elevating ourselves" this good ethics is what we have stood by religiously. Do read our reviews by our clients who had engaged us before, cheers.

Payment Matters

Booking and Deposit

Deposit is a standard practice that is widely adopted. It protects the interest of the client and the photographer. It ensures that no party will back out last minute, because we value and respect people time. Value of deposit is as follow:

  • minimum of $50 for all events (birthday, graduation or events)
  • 10% for weddings (Engagement, PWS or AD) and corporate projects
Should you have other pressing question, please contact us here.


In the age of technology, paying for stuff is seamless. We strongly encourage to go cashless such as Paynow/Paylah! is commonly used. Otherwise, cash is OK too!


Yes! Do follow @conxeptstudio on Instagram for the latest promotions! Thank you for appreciating our craft!


Precautionary measures

As the Singapore Government is easing off the Covid-19 safety measures to Phase 3. Photographic activities may resume as per norm, in the context for our crew, we will wear a mask and strictly adhere to safe distancing guidelines, and sanitise all our equipment. Shoot are to be conducted up to only eight people only (including crew), this falls in line with compliance to ensure the well-being of our clients and ourselves. Details is extracted from the PPAS website. Our photographers are General Members of the PPAS, Professional Photographers Association (Singapore).