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How Livestream might be the coverage you need. 

A hybrid solution for your event

You have dear friends and love ones whom you wish are there on your biggest milestone but having them over is impossible because of a clash of schedule, flight times, and different reasons. Livestream is one way to broadcast your event to everyone so they can be present physically or virtually.


Venues with a larger space means increasing your wedding budget to invite the extra groups of friends. We get it — the struggle is real. On one hand, you'd really want them at the event to have a great time but on the other, you'd be stressing over the finances. Having a virtual broadcast of your physical event is a solution if you're on a tighter budget. What's more, you get a full recording of the whole event for playback at any time.

Getting up close with what's happening

Your guests may be seated too far from the action or watching it from an awkward angle so they probably can't see what's going on because of how the venue is. Livestreaming is one way to bring them up close to what's happening so they can be in the moment with you and celebrate with you as your day unfolds. 

Check out our Livestream gig example below

Here at Conxept Studio, we make sure your media coverage is seamless and smooth whether it be photography, videography, or live streaming services, we make sure your needs are cared for.

Custom, Custom, Custom!

Almost all aspects of our Livestream service is bespoke. Our crew size down to the streaming screens in the video above @0:40 are fully customizable depending on the scale of your event. We want to give you a service truly tailored to you and you only. 

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Talk to our livestreaming experts

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